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Grace Ministry

Grace Ministry is an Addictions Victorious support group ministry of Alfred-Almond Bible Church. Addictions Victorious (AV) is a network of Christ-centered support and recovery groups. Our meetings are open to men and women of all ages who are seeking lasting changes in their lives. We reach out in the love of our Lord Jesus to those who struggle with various addictions. We also embrace loved ones and friends who find themselves on the other side of addiction; those who are being adversely impacted y the addict's destructive lifestyle. AV helps carry the heavy burden of this most traumatic and life-consuming experience. We embrace the addict, their loved ones, and friends as they go through this very trying process. 


Why a Christian recovery group?

Those familiar with the Alcoholics Anonymous format may well ask the question above. For followers of Christ, the answer is simple. We have identified the Lord Jesus as our higher power and we welcome the opportunity to meet in His presence to explore the problems associated with addiction through the lens of Scripture (the Bible). In a comfortable, confidential setting we speak freely about our relationship with Christ and share our struggles with faith-related issues. Christians are not immune to addictive or compulsive behaviors, and hiding our problems from our brethren adds to our shame and guilt burden, which hinders healing and spiritual growth. 


Those unfamiliar with the good news of Christ have an opportunity to come to know our true higher power, Jesus the Messiah. In an AV group, participants find an atmosphere of unconditional Christian love and embracement that nourishes and encourages an intimate personal relationship with Christ. Newcomers can begin to learn the reality that there is a spiritual element connected with their inner struggle of addiction. The addiction that has them tightly in its grip is only the symptom of a much deeper problem; and that ultimate freedom, lasting change, and total serenity can only be found in the pathway of the heart. In the AV setting, forgiveness and the release from shame and guilt can be realized as we collectively approach our God with reverent, humble, and contrite hearts. 


Our Meetings

A warm and friendly atmosphere provides loving support and fellowship; engaging in genuine confidential sharing and caring, coupled with the study of Scripture and intercessory prayer. We also encourage and assist one another with the building of healthy relationships; thereby expanding our sphere of support resources within the body of Christ (church family), for the purpose of nurturing ongoing forthright accountability and spiritual growth.


Who Should Attend?

"Anyone in bondage to the rule of substance, activity, or state of mind, which then becomes the center of life, defending itself from the truth so that even bad consequences don't bring repentance, and leading to further estrangement from God." --Edward T. Welch, Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave--Finding Hope in the Power of the Gospel


Common addictions include such things as substances (alcohol and drugs), tobacco, sex, pornography, gambling, pleasure, food, sports, work, success... etc. 


AV is not intended to replace or undermine any other Christian groups. It is not geared to any one denomination or a substitution for church involvement. AV is not a professional therapy group. 


Addictions Victorious Website

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