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Criteria for becoming a member:


  • who has expressed faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation (Acts 16:30-31);

  • who has been baptized after professing faith in Jesus Christ (Acts 2:38, 41);

  • whose works display faith in Jesus (James 2:14-18);

  • who agrees to submit to the loving leadership of the Elders of this church (Hebrews 13:17); and

  • who unites with this body under the terms of the Constitution of this church.


Implications of becoming a member:

  • Involved in worship regularly, both corporately with other believers on Sundays and privately

  • Accountable to other members in an ongoing way in true biblical fellowship, willingly submitting to the loving leadership of the Elders

  • Active in ministry, serving this church family for the sake of Christ, using spiritual giftedness for the good of other members, and giving of money and resources for the work of the Lord carried out by this local assembly

  • Responsible for being a representative of Jesus Christ in our communities and seeking to carry out our commission to make disciples of Jesus from all nations


Process of becoming a member:

  • Fill out a Membership Application

  • Complete Membership class

  • Interview with Elders

  • Two week announcement in the bulletin

  • Welcome into membership during a Sunday morning service

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