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Christians, the Law, and Tattoos

I remember the first time someone approached me at church, years ago, and, with a furrowed brow, asked me, "How can you stand up to teach the Bible while blatantly disobeying what it says? Don't you know Leviticus 19:28?" Though relatively rare, it wouldn't be the last time. It is refreshing when someone gives me the benefit of the doubt and, without any sense of questioning or judging my own choices, asks me what Leviticus 19:28 means and how we should seek to honor it today as Christians. The larger question of how we should approach, understand, and apply the Mosaic Law and its individual commands needs to be addressed, too. So, in today's devotional, I'll try to sketch, in summary fashion with a couple of examples, including Leviticus 19:28, my own answer to this question.

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1 Comment

Cory S
Cory S
Oct 05, 2021

Great read thanks for sharing this

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