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H.E.D.G.E.S. Series: Is it Doubtless?

Today we continue asking the 6 questions when we are faced with decisions with unclear guidance. As we find our way through the H.E.D.G.E.S. acrostic we are going to ask the question "Is it doubtless?" This is an important question to ask! So many times we don't listen to the conscience that God has given us through His Spirit. If our conscience is informed by God's Word then we can listen to it when we are faced with "gray areas" or difficult decisions. Join me today as we discuss the role our conscience plays in our decision making!

By the way, I did not talk at all about the relationship of the Holy Spirit and His work of conviction and enabling us to follow God in this devotional. This is most definately a work of the Holy Spirit and cannot be ignored...please refer to Pastor Justin's series on the Holy Spirit from a few weeks ago. I did not dive into this as he already covered it so well!

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