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H.E.D.G.E.S. Series: Is it Holy?

So, I have decided to do a six part devotional series on how to make wise and Godly decsions in life. We all know there are certain things that we should do and that we shouldn't do, but so many times we have to make tough decisions in what some people would call "gray areas". These can be about our lifestyle (tattoos, alcohol, entertainment choices, etc.) or about specific directions we should take (what job to take, who to date/marry, how to parent, etc.). When the bible doesn't clearly tell us what to do in a specific situation, what do we do? Over the next 6 devotions we are going to look at 6 questions we should ask when we are faced with a decision like this. Using the acrostic H.E.D.G.E.S. we are going to look at how we can protect ourselves from making poor and foolish decisions. In the first of this series, I am going to encourage us all to ask the question "Is it holy?" when we come face to face with a difficult choice.

Also, check out this video and read the book that I mention! I forgot to include it in the original video!

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